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Needle Specialty processes all gauges, large and small, of tubing & wire with mulitple designs for many medical device uses. 
We also provide other Medical Device Contract Manufacturing capabilities that  consist of but are not limited to the following:

High Volume Point/Lancet Tube Grinding
Multiple Geometry Point/Lancet Tube Grinding
Wire Point Grinding Including Trocar Points and other Geometry
Conical Grinding - All Gauges
Swaged Points-Pencil and Blunt
Abrasive Cutting
Electrolytic Burr Free Cutting
Electro Chemical Slot Grinding Any Gauge Size
Back Eye Blasting
Zone Blasting
Heel Blasting
Point Blasting
Tube Flaring - Round and Square Flares
Steel Passivation
Steel Cleaning
Steel Surface Coating
Electro Chemical Centimeter Marking
Metal Hub Staking
Epoxy Assembly
Component Assembly
Plastic Injection Over Molding
Plastic Injection Molding
Tyvek Pouch and Bag Sealing
Non-Sterile Component Labeling and Packaging
Bulk Non-Sterile Packaging
Air, Ground and Freight Shipping & Receiving

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Needle Specialty Manufacturing
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